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UCLA Department of Life Sciences Core Education Laboratories
621 Charles E. Young Drive South Los Angeles,CA 90095-1606
2344 Young Hall South   (310)794-4113
At the Department of Life Sciences Core Education Laboratories we are interested in developing new laboratory curricula that addresses the evolving needs of the life sciences curriculum. Our primary focus lies in assessing the content of the life sciences lectures and creating complementary hands on experiments appropriate for a second year physiology and molecular biology laboratory course. The Laboratory course LS23L is taken concurrently with the Life Sciences Course LS3 (Introduction to Molecular Biology). Students will perform experiments in the area of physiology and molecular biology. The LS Labs offer the opportunity to conduct wet-lab and cutting edge bioinformatics laboratory experiments. Undergraduate students will work in groups of three conducting experiments in the areas of physiology, metabolism, cell biology, molecular biology, genotyping and bioinformatics. There will be 10 laboratories over the duration of one quarter, which includes weekly online pre-lab modules and quizzes.
Lab Coordinator
Lab Director
Dr. Gaston Pfluegl
Lab Manager
Office: Slichter Hall 2875
Phone: 310-794-4113

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